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I moved over to my own self hosted blog so this site is no longer maintained.

Many of the posts contained are no longer relevant because of the many changes over the years.

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Friday, March 06, 2009

Friend Connect and Blogger Followers Integration Tutorial

Google has recently merged the blogspot Blogger Followers feature with their Friend Connect application. Followers is now Friend Connect. From now on, when you publicly join a blog or site, that site will be added to your Friend Connect profiles/widgets on all of the sites you've joined, if you choose to follow them publicly rather than anonymously.

You will not appear on the profiles and widgets of those people you were following via Blogger Followers as Google has assigned them an anonymous status. If you want to publicly follow these people, and therefore appear or re-appear on their widgets, or choose a different following profile, you have to go into your settings and change each one. This is time consuming if you are following a lot of people but it is good that our privacy has been protected and we have been given the choice.

Instructions for Following Blogs Publicly

You change your preferences via your Blogger Dashboard page. Below your Manage Blogs area you will see your Reading List section and a list of "Blogs I am Following". Under this list you will see a "Manage" button.

blogspot manage followers

Click on the Manage button and you are taken to your " Manage Blogs I'm Following" page where you can see which blogs you are following anonymously and which publicly. For those you blogs you want to change to public click on its "Settings". In the settings window click on the "anonymously" link in the line that reads " You are following anonymously. Then select the "Follow publicly" option.

Google Friend Connect follower options

>The effect of changing from anonymous to public (my avatar appears in the second image):

GFC Blogger Followers widget on To this GFC Blogger Followers widget on

If you also want this blog to be listed under "Sites I've Joined", in your profile on the Friend Connect widgets of all the blogs you are following, tick the "Include this site on your profile" box.

friend connect sites joined

Choosing Your Profile

You can also choose to follow a blog using your Blogger, Google, Orkut, Twitter or Plaxo profiles. Changing your preferences as to which of your profiles you wish to use to follow blogs also involves editing each of the blogs you follow. (i.e. Manage Button/Manage Blogs I am Following/settings for each blog) At the top of each individual blogs settings page you will see which profile is currently being used:

current  blogger follower profile

Click on the change link and choose which profile you wish to use:

change blogger follower profile


The advantage of choosing a different profile is that if people click on your profile in the new Google Friend Connect widget they are directed directly to the profile(s) and blog(s) you have added to these profiles rather than to the Blogger about page. I have chosen to use my Google profile because that lists my main blog as well as the other social networking sites I belong to.

You can only manage the friends who have Blogger blogs and are using that profile for Friends Connect through your Blogger Manage Blogs section. If your friends are using one of your other social networks ( Google, Orkut, Plaxo, Twitter) then you manage these friends through that network and not Blogger.

GFC followers other networks

The integration brings you a wider range of possible contacts as you can become friends with any member of a blog using Friend Connect not only Blogger blogs. It does not matter what social networks they belong to and which account they used to sign up, the friends you make on a Friend Connect site will be friends of yours on any other sites you both belong to.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blogger Post Gadget

I am using the Blogger Post Gadget to write this blog post from my iGoogle page.

Here is the Blog Buzz post which explains it further. You can install the feature from here too. Publish to your Blogger blog from iGoogle

This is a nifty tool but, although you can add html the more advanced functions, such as uploading an image, are not available via iGoogle.

PS After you have published your post (or saved it to draft) via iGoogle a "View This Post" link appears so you can come along and look at your post, edit it, as I am doing now, and publish it if saved to draft


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Import Export Feature for Blogger

With the new import/export feature for blogspot you can:

  • Create a copy of your blog./import your blog into a  new blog.
  • Merge two or more blogs into a single blog.
  • Move individual blog posts and comments from one blog to another
  • Back up your blog to your hard drive or other storage device.
  • Move your blog to another platform such as Wordpress. 
For instructions on using the new feature read How do I import and export blogs on Blogger? on the Blogger Help Site.


Thursday, January 01, 2009

Adding Google Friend Connect to blogspot Blogger

I have been trying out Google Friend Connect on my main blog and feel it has potential for networking with other bloggers and came accross a couple of tutorials on installing Friend Connect on blogspot.

Video Tutorial:

If you would rather read about the installation:

NB - when you add the dummy posts so that Friend Connect has access to the necessary javascript files, post-date the posts otherwise you will end up with two empty posts at the top of your page.

Sites related to Friend Connect:


Wednesday, December 31, 2008