Monday, February 12, 2007

Fonts and Colors

It is simple to change fonts and colors with no coding knowledge - just go to Template/Fonts and Colors. Elements that can be changed:

  • Backgrounds: main , page , header, sidebar header and page header corners.
  • Font Colors: post and sidebar , header, sidebar title, links, date header.
  • Font style: page header and the rest of the page.
  • Page border color

There is no facility for changing post title color so I will have to do that by altering the CSS.

I have altered the fonts and colors of this page. Patriotically (or is that parochially) I chose colors that to me now represent my home town Melbourne, Australia - those of the Melbourne Commonwealth games. They are as close as I could get with the 'web friendly colors' that 'Fonts and Colors' allow. You can see them in action at the Experience Melbourne site. Thought I would get a quick plug in for the wonderful city I live in - as wonderful as any city could be that is.


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