Friday, March 23, 2007

Getting Labeled with Ajax/Prototype

So far adding copied code or pre-made widgets to the 'Add Page Element' feature of Blogger has been simple. If you are not familiar with web-coding at all, a little trial and error is probably all that is needed for most additions.

I came across a wonderful script on Blogger Hacked today which I thought would be perfect to add to a page element. The article in question AJAX Labels Reloaded is well written and easy to follow - and I had to follow the instructions to a T being unfamiliar with such coding.

The resulting code is now proudly displayed on this page (feelings of self-worth have soared). The effect is hiden initially. Click on any of the Label tags in the left menu and, instead of being taken to another page, a snippet of the postings for that tag are delivered above the posts in the current page. The current postings are temporarily dispatched south until you either click on the 'click to close' or return to the home page after reading posts of interest.


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