Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Beautiful Beta: BlogToC Widget Released

Another fine offering from Hans at Beautiful Beta BlogToC Widget. Display a table of contents of your blog posts inline.
You can see the code in action on my blog. Just click on the 'Show Table of Contents' link in the left sidebar. The TOC will be displayed at the top of the page, above the first post.

Full instructions can be found on the Beautiful Beta blog at BlogToC Widget.

There are 3 stages involved in implementing this code. The first is to change the line in the template that starts with <b:section class='main' to:

<b:section class='main' id='main'
maxwidgets='2' showaddelement='yes'>

This allows you to add extra elements to the area of your blog above your posts. PLEASE NOTE - if you have altered this already to accomodate 2 elements in this position already, you will need to increase the maxwidgets figure. As I had my top navigation menu and the Google Blog Bar in this position, I had to enter maxwidgets='3'.

The other two changes to be made are the addition of two page elements, one in the sidebar to provide a clickable link to trigger the TOC widget, and one above the posts where the TOC appears. For the coding please visit

Footnote - In a later posting a method of allowing the display over 100 posts is explained, getting round the 100 post default limit. You can find the instructions at Beyond the 100 posts limit.

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  1. good job sis...your post is simple but have a guideline for me to refer to BlogToc Widget..
    thanks a lot..


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