Friday, May 25, 2007

Picasa Web Albums for Blogger Images

I use Google's Picasa Web Albums for personal photos and blog images (I can choose to make albums private or public.) and I think it is a good option for Bloggers too. You can see my public galleries here.

Although the new Blogger allows for uploading of images for posts and for its add picture element, there are times you may want more control over your images. For example, you may want to edit the image, display a higher quality image, or add your own custom html coding, including images, to your sidebar.

To do this you will need to link to an image on a different server. Unless you have your own domain you will need to use an online storage site.

There are various options but for me Picasa Web Albums is the most convenient and easy to use. An added advantage is that Blogger uses Picasa Web Albums to store your blog images. If you log into Picasa Web Albums using your Blogger gmail address you will see an album with the same title as your blog. At this point in time there is no way for you to upload images to this particular album but you can create others and upload to these.

Why I think Picasa Web Albums has advantages over other online storage systems:

  • I am assuming that if you are using the same site as Blogger then the upload time will be quicker than using outside servers. If anyone thinks differently please let me know as I will stand to be corrected.

  • It is convenient to have all your images in one place.

  • If you want to include an image twice you don't need to upload it again in Blogger, just link to the Picasa album image.

  • The interface is clear and easy to navigate.

  • You can create different albums to hold distinct categories of images, e.g. one for sidebar icons, one for post images, one for template images.

  • The code for you to add to your blog is created for you and you just have to copy and post it into your post or template.
  • As with the Blogger interface, you can choose what size of image you want to create the link code for - thumbnail, small, medium, large.

  • Creation of slideshows that you can integrate into your blog.
  • If you use Picasa2 to organize images on your computer, you can upload images directly from there to your Picasa Web Album and navigate to your albums from a link at the top of the Picasa window.

Some Features:

  • You can store up to 1gb of images free with the option to pay for extra storage space.

  • Each image can be up to 20mb in size.

  • You can upload videos

It would be good to have the ability to upload directly to your Blogger created album to update photos in your blog but maybe that feature will come later.

You can of course upload all of your blog images to an album you create in Picasa Web Albums, bypassing the Blogger 'insert picture' options, and link to all images in your blog.

(I am not sure I really want to be plugging Google programs at the moment. I was elated when Google page rank for my other blog jumped to 4 the other day (I thought it was because I had included Adsense), only to have my bubble burst by it going back to 3 the next.)

Thanks to willow for reminding me that Picasa does not allow the uploading of .gif images.


  1. one drawback I discovered though, when trying to post an animated gif banner advertisement on a blog of mine: blogger/picasa don't support animated gifs :-( as much as I wanted to to use *only* picasa, I ended up signing up with photobucket just so that the ads would work properly.

  2. I meant to point that out, willow, thanks for reminding me. It is a nuisance at times. I don't often use animated gifs but regularly need to save .gifs ad .jpgs instead.

    I use Irfanview which does this very quickly and easily.

  3. Hmm seems things have changed since this post because I have just tested the uploading of a photo to my blogger created album and it worked. I am wondering though why taking the trouble to create that useless blog this button in picasa if you can easily upload an unlimited number of pics straight to your album and link afterwards?

  4. Specter, the blog this button may be handy if you are not linking to your blogger picasa album or if you are linking to someone else's photo? Picasa has added new features since I wrote this post.

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