Saturday, June 30, 2007

16 Widget Sites For Your Blog

I have done some research on widget sites and have come up with a list of those that I think provide the most variety and choice. They are in alphabetical order rather than bypreference.

I have created a custom search which will search all of these sites for any word.

Widget Search

Google Custom Search

You can also use this search from the sidebar of this blog.
Sites that provide information and keep you up to date with new Widgets:


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Archive Calendar - New Blogger

I have been playing with my template, yet again, and have transformed the archive list in the sidebar into a 'calendar'.

Blog Archive Calendar

Thanks to Phydeaux for creating this feature, which I think is an excellent way of displaying archives. His instructions can be found on his site at:

Blog Archive Calendar

Themes for the calendar with their instructions and copy and paste styling can be found on Phydeaux's Blogger Archive Calendar Styles page.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

New Blogger - Template Update

I have added to my sidebar list of sites offering XML templates for the new Blogger. In case you miss them here they are:


Friday, June 08, 2007

A New Commenting Tool - Click Comments

If you look below this post you will find a new widget that I thought quite interesting. Not only does it allow your visitors to vote on what they like about your post but your posts are listed on the PostReach Click Comments Showcase site. On creating the widget you are asked which category you wish your posts to be show in although all posts are shown on the front page too.

One advantage is that it is quick and easy for readers to respond to your posts especially as no email address or registration is needed. You may get feedback from those that would not normally comment. A disadvantage could be that those who do comment may just opt for clicking a button instead.

To create your own widget visit PostReach Click Comments - it will automatically add the code to your Blogger site. (Wordpress is supported too). To find out more visit the PostReach Blog.

Give it a try here on my blog (a dastardly plan to gain voters), please.