Friday, June 08, 2007

A New Commenting Tool - Click Comments

If you look below this post you will find a new widget that I thought quite interesting. Not only does it allow your visitors to vote on what they like about your post but your posts are listed on the PostReach Click Comments Showcase site. On creating the widget you are asked which category you wish your posts to be show in although all posts are shown on the front page too.

One advantage is that it is quick and easy for readers to respond to your posts especially as no email address or registration is needed. You may get feedback from those that would not normally comment. A disadvantage could be that those who do comment may just opt for clicking a button instead.

To create your own widget visit PostReach Click Comments - it will automatically add the code to your Blogger site. (Wordpress is supported too). To find out more visit the PostReach Blog.

Give it a try here on my blog (a dastardly plan to gain voters), please.



  1. hi Sue
    you have a great blog here..some great tips for the tech challenged me......very neat and tidy too.....
    I have seen this commenting system on a few blogs....I'll see if I can give it a go.......

  2. A lot of helpful info around here. Should help get a lot of blogs off the ground floor.


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