Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Comments Form

Thanks to Ramani from Hackosphere for pointing me in the direction of the Comments Form feature on Blogger. Text typed in the Comments Form, which can be found in your blogs Settings/Comments section, is displayed just below the 'Leave your Comments' heading in the write comments window.

I have used my form to add a message about informing readers that I have removed 'nofollow' and requesting input as to new blogger features or add-ins. If you want to learn more about 'nofollow' please see my guest post on BlogBlond's site at: NoFollow, NoGood for Bloggers

You can use this for other purposes too. For example Digital Inspiration is using it for displaying a Comments Policy. Their article about it can be seen at New! Add Visitor Comments Policy to Your Blogger Blog.

I would be pleased to hear about how other blogs are using the feature.


  1. Do you find that more people leave comments after removing nofollow?

  2. I do not post frequently enough to this blog to gain much traffic so have not noticed any difference in the number of comments. I have noticed an increase on my other blog though. How much this is to do with removal of no follow I don't know, as one series of posts I am doing at the moment seems particularly popular. It may have elicited the same amount of comments even with no-follow in place. I am content with being able to provide followable links whether it increases the number of comments or not.

  3. I have subscibed to this feed Sue...and will add you to my blogroll.....
    have a great day :)

  4. Hi Sue, you've got some great links here!


I have removed 'nofollow' in appreciation for you taking the time to comment.