Sunday, July 08, 2007

Polls for Blogger

Blogger is trialling a poll element, as you can see by the poll in the left sidebar which will be in place until the poll closing day on 31st July.

Please give it a try and I will report back on how it works. It will also give me valuable feedback as to what you would like to learn.


  1. Hi, I'm reading via the Bumpzee Australian Blogs Community RSS feed. :)

    Some of the draft items are quite cool; my favourite so far is the video uploading. It saves me having to try to get any videos I want to upload only to my blog down to the Youtube size, or put out on a "big" public site like Google Video or Revver.


  2. I am loving all of your blogs Sue... just so much valuable information you are sharing.. I might just start a blogger blog for the heck of learning it :) thanks!!

  3. Thank you both. I neglect this blog unfortunately despite having lots of ideas and plans.

    Doing something sinks in a lot better than just reading about it Pearl :-)


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