Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Blogspot Hack Resources

If you are game to try a little customization of your blog the following sites give excellent information on hacks to.

Hoctro's Blogger Hack Directory - a round up of recent articles from most of the blogs listed below.


  1. great list Sue...I'm familiar with a few of them.....
    looking forward to checking out the rest.. :)

  2. Thanks for this list. Especially Hoctro is very interesting.

  3. Sue i think you should check my new blogging resources at Hacking Templates Gallery

    You can learn how to modified your customtemplate for blogger.

  4. goo for share, i will start hack my blogspot : http://acid-reflux-and-diet.blogspot.com

  5. nice post.do you know how to make auto readmore... come to my blog now to get the tutorial.


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