Friday, June 27, 2008

Blogger in Draft New Features - Inline Comments Too

Blogger in Draft is the testing ground for new Blogger features before they are released into general use. You can login to Blogger in Draft and use the features that are being trialled.

One thing I am sure all Blogger users will be pleased to hear about is that there is now the option in Blogger in Draft to have your comment form embedded into your post window rather than appearing as a popup or separate page.

To enable this feature in Blogger in Draft go to "Settings/Comments/Comment Placement form" and choose "Embedded below post". If the comment form is still not showing after you have done this then it could be that you need to make some minor changes to your template. The tutorial on Blogbuster How to add a comment form beneath your blog posts will help you do this.You can find further details in the Blogger in Draft blog post New Feature: Embedded Comment Form.

Other new features include:

  • Ability to import/export your posts - if, for example, you want to move across to Wordpress you do not have to be using Classic Blogger to be able to transfer your posts across.
  • A new layout for the post edit window
  • A star rating system for posts
  • Integration with Google Webmaster Central
  • If you are using word verification for comments, the word verification form now appears after you click on "Post Comment"
The embedded comment form works with Classic templates too. Add the tag <$BlogItemCreate$> tag to your page template. I have enabled embedded comments in this post so please give it a go and let me know what you think of this new feature :-)


  1. Gemisht8:02 PM

    Wow, look at that - the comment form is here, not a new window. Gotta love that. Hope this comment works ok :)

  2. That is wonderful - I am sure that many readers of blogger blogs may baulk at leaving comments when they have to go to a new window or at least page!

    Only noticable difference that may be a bit of a problem is the "comment as" dropdown does not show what profile you are logged in as... not a problem if you don't occasionally get logged out - however it happens, it seems!

  3. Sorry folks I did not realize I had comment moderation switched on. Wow it is good to be able to see the messages under the post itself and it will be good to comment on blogspot blogs without silly popup windows that are too small.

  4. Thanks for letting me know about that Jeanie. It may be worth us mentioning we find this a problem on the blogger in draft site.

  5. Oh Hi!

    Does this thing work?


  6. Hi Snos
    Seems to work fine :-)

  7. Loving exploring all these new bits 'n' bobs from Blogger at the moment ;)

  8. I have seen this on a few other blogger blogs and it does make leaving a comment easier.


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