Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Please Excuse These Strange Posts

The last two posts and the next three to follow may seem strange but I am compensating for Blogger not having a page feature by creating posts, which I am then linking to in the top menu.

I have moved the templates and Blogger blogs blogrolls from the sidebar and they are now accessible from the top menu.

I will do an about me page, rather than using the default Blogger profile page which does not allow me the flexibility I want.

I am also setting up a contact form via Kontactr so please feel free to let me know of anything you would like to see in this blog. If you have a blog that focuses on, or even has a major section on, the topic of Blogger let me know and I will come and take a look. I intend this blog to be a general resource on the subject and am happy to point readers in the direction of anything worthwhile on other blogs

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  1. why don't you date back those posts to December 2005 so they won't appear on on top? ;-)


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