Wednesday, January 14, 2009

New Import Export Feature for Blogger

With the new import/export feature for blogspot you can:

  • Create a copy of your blog./import your blog into a  new blog.
  • Merge two or more blogs into a single blog.
  • Move individual blog posts and comments from one blog to another
  • Back up your blog to your hard drive or other storage device.
  • Move your blog to another platform such as Wordpress. 
For instructions on using the new feature read How do I import and export blogs on Blogger? on the Blogger Help Site.


  1. Hi Sue, my first visit here. I've always been your loyal fan of your main site. Glad that you actually have a site for Blogger users. Will keep an eye on this one too. Until then, keep up the good work. Take care always.

  2. You are kind, as ever, Ching Ya. Thank you although I have not been posting here lately as you can see.


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